The austerity of the exterior is in sharp contrast to the inviting interior which is both refined and elegant. In the splendid hall of honor, under a beamed ceiling supported by painted brackets delicately carved with acanthus leaves, runs a frieze of vivid colors depicting carefree hunting scenes with falcons. Delicate neoclassical decorative motifs with cameos on a blue background entirely cover the walls of the level of the master’s living quarters and public rooms, while period furnishings including armchairs, sofas and small tables contribute to creating the atmosphere of the time. Also other decorative elements such as trompe l’oeil portals, drapery and amphorae have been accurately restored returning the complex to its original appearance, so that those who wish to do so might more easily immerse themselves into the magical atmosphere of the past. On the ground floor a series of rooms leads to the kitchen, an ample room with copper utensils of various

shapes and sizes and a terracotta sink whose waste water went directly to the moat. Inside one of the two large towers the dungeon was created, consisting of a narrow, bare cell in which, anchored to the walls, the shackles by which prisoners were restrained can still be seen today. 

Also of great interest is the collection of over 2.000 volumes on the history of Piacenza of the Historical Library of the Castle, which can be consulted by appointment.
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